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Caesalpinia Spinosa

Tara is a small leguminous tree of Peru. Tara is cultivated as a source of tannins. Due to the amount of natural tannins contained in Tara, it’s an excellent source of environmentally friendly tannins, used to tan leathers but, also used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and textile industries. Tara can be used alone or blended with other tannins to ensure the properties of them and to obtain special effects, the part of its capacity of fullness offers a clear coloration than the rest of vegetables used in the tannin industry, representing a much purer, closer and together skin with its tannins content of 60%-64% making its modern techniques of tanning and re-tanning irreplaceable.

The Tara gum is used in the food industry as a thickener and stabilizer in a number of food applications such a liquid soups, ketchup, mustard, spicy sauces. Tara is also used in the food industry as a clarificador agent in the wine manufacture, beer and foods.

The tannins of Tara are used in medicine as astringent and in antiseptics for burn treatment. In the manufacturing of plastic and adhesives (they react easy with the formic aldehyde), Tara is also used in the manufacturing ink of paper and like colorants. Tannins are used in the industry of refill link to regulate it viscosity.



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