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Committed to quality products at competitive prices.

DUBONP is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovate pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products of high quality and competitiveness.  DUBONP was established to make available high-quality medicines and nutraceutical products that offer therapeutic benefits to patients, offering the best guarantee of health and life through competitive pricing within reach of most patients

DUBONP focuses on developing innovate medicines that have a growing portfolio of advance products in the therapeutic and natural categories in which it participles. Innovation and quality at competitive prices is our response to market needs not yet satisfied.

Our team has experience in developing, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and commercialization of pharmaceutical and natural products. We promise our best efforts and are confident that customers will be satisfied having received a product from DUBONP.


The trend toward using natural products has inspired DUBONP to market a group of excellent quality natural products, beginning a proactive search for natural alternatives to synthetic products.  DUBONP NATURAL is a division specialized in the development and commercialization of plant-based ingredients that deliver extraordinary results. DUBONP NATURAL is   working on building a natural product portfolio that allows for constant quality, guarantee volume and competitive prices.