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Natural Products

DUBONP NATURAL as a division of DUBONP specialized in the development and commercialization of nutraceutical products and plant-based ingredients delivery extraordinary results. Whether they are used as a  raw material ingredient in pharmaceutical products,  functional foods or they are used to impart color in food and beverages,  our natural products offer a number of benefits, including:

1.- Health benefits for consumers
2.- Ingredients functionality
3.- Supply chain reliability
4.- competitive prices

DUBONP NATURAL products follow the principles of biocommerce, that preserve the environment and the ecosystem in order to offer ecological products free of artificial or chemical agents. DUBONP NATURAL has built a strong reputation in sourcing and commercializing of a wide range of natural products. The raw material is selected, processed and distributed for our company to the national and international market.  Through constant innovation and quality at competitive prices we have been increasingly supplying customer needs around the world. Today DUBONP NATURAL is expanding its product range and improving its supply model. We are developing strong ties with farmers and clients, in order to strengthen demand-supply coordination and quality standards at competitive prices. Dubonp Natural delivers products that achieve the highest level of functionality, while leveraging the Earth’s natural sustainability.


Dubonp Natural products can be applied in and extense range of industries: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medicine, confectionary and textiles, food industry, among many others


•    Purple Corn
•    Maca
•    Achiote
•    Camu Camu
•    Tara
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