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Our Partnership

Dubonp understands what it takes to develop and deliver pharmaceutical and natural products to patients.. Our product portfolio are diverse and include a high quality of pharmaceutical products, natural extracts and ingredient business, Dubonp seeks strategic collaborations to expand our commercialized products to supplement our product pipeline;  We seek to combine our strengths with those of others and to work collaboratively with partners to develop, distribution and commercialize therapeutic and natural products. To this end, we search globally to set up partnership with establish companies at various development stages, with a clear goal to accelerate the delivery of novel and highly effective products to the global marketplace.

Partnering at DUBONP

Dubonp has a meticulously selected the origin of their products, with suppliers in United States of America (VESTA Pharmaceutical Inc.), Colombia (Colompack – PROCAPS) and Peru (DISFLOZA – BELOFARM), All firms are of recognized international prestige and high standars of quality with advanced technology in their manufacturing. Our commitment is to continue seeking the best products in the international market in order to continually satisfy our customers.






Partnering Opportunities

DUBONP currently has partnering opportunies in the following areas: 


DUBONP Partnering
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