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DUBONP  is a pharmaceutical health care company focused on  developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products  that enable people to live to its greatest potential.  Innovation and quality at competitive prices is our response to market needs not yet satisfied..

DUBONP originated July, 1995 in Peru and began operation on June, 2002.  Our administrative offices are located in the financial and business heart of Lima, Peru in the district of San Isidro and now we have a susidiaria in Florida, USA, taking as its starting the import, the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical and naturla products, ourproducts are manufactured in United States, Colombia and Peru, meeting the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Storage Practics (GAP).

Our corporate vision drives our culture of work:|
Being a model of organization, concerned about society and sensitive to their needs, DUBONP consist of highly skilled associates ensuring customer satisfaction through the quality and availability of medical products to benefit health.
DUBONP: We strive to be the most valued company to patients, customers,
investors, business partners and the communities where we work and live.
DUBONP will achieve aggressive sales growth and profitability through development and continuous expansion of our business and products, as well as exploring creative and innovative resources in all the additional opportunities that are present in the pharmaceutical field as a result of continuing changes in health systems.
The quality of products is aimed at DUBONP: The customer satisfaction
through innovation in services and cost efficient
DUBONP will always be oriented to ensure the satisfaction and confidence of our customer by offering products and services that meet the quality specifications according to international quality standars, achived through processes of good manufacturing practices (GMP), in addition to the certifications of the regulators in the country where they are manufactured.
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